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Myopia and Your Child

By Jodie Green January 24, 2017

Myopia, or short-sightedness, is a condition where near objects are seen more clearly than..

Are Vision Problems Affecting My Child's Learning?

By Jodie Green January 12, 2017

Good vision is essential for our children's learning as it is estimated that 80% of what a child..

5 Signs Your Child Needs Their Vision Checked

By Georgia Pearlman January 10, 2017

Did you know over 80% of your child's learning is experienced through vision?

As another school..

Children's Screen Time

By Jodie Green January 5, 2017

Concerned screen time could be causing damage to your children’s eyes?

You are not alone, many..

Wearing Contacts Lenses? Here is what you need to know

By Jodie Green November 28, 2016

 So you have made the jump. You are now a contact lens wearer, you are experiencing a..

How-To Make the Most of your Health Fund Benefits

By Jodie Green November 8, 2016

Whether you pay it annually, quarterly or monthly, health insurance with extras cover can be a..

What is the cost of an Eye Test and Glasses?

By Jodie Green November 3, 2016

"How much?"

This is often the question we get asked from our patients day in and day out. Want..

Halloween contact lenses could lead to BLINDNESS

By Jodie Green October 28, 2016

Cheap novelty contact lenses from online distributors or costume shops could lead to blindness.


How-To Recognise Blurred Vision Causes

By Eyecare Plus September 7, 2016

You've sat down in your favourite cafe.

The young wait staff delivers a menu to the table.



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