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5 Clever Ways To Get More Value From Your Optical Health Fund Extras

It's that time of the year again. EOFY is a busy time for most adults with some health fund extras resetting. Some optical extras reset on 1 July, which means you will have to use it or lose it by June 30. At Eyecare Plus, we know that it can be hard to keep track of your optical extras. That's why our optometrists are dedicated to helping you make the most out of your optical entitlements.

Here are 5 clever ways to get more value from your optical extras cover:

1. Use them on prescription sunglasses

When it comes to using optical extras, the first thing that comes to mind for most people is a new pair of single lens or multifocal prescription glasses. If you already have a good pair, why not use your extras on a new pair of prescription sunglasses? 

Prescriptive sunglasses are a great fashion accessory, corrects your vision and protects your eyes from harmful UV rays. There are hundreds of designer frames to choose from and they may be tax-deductible if you use them frequently for work. Check with your accountant. 

prescriptive sunglasses

2. Find No Gap or Low Gap options

Some optometrists don't tell you what's covered until you're at the counter so make sure you ask and clarify what frames and lenses have Low Gap or No Gap to avoid large out of pocket surprises. If you go to an Eyecare Plus practice, ask to see their Low Gap and No Gap range and you are guaranteed to be offered the best complete spectacles at a minimum cost to you.

3. Claim your rebate on the spot

All Eyecare Plus practices have easy and instant health fund rebates available. Our optometrists use Australia's leading health claims technology that allows you to conveniently claim electronically whilst you're at the counter. That means you can avoid long queues and messy paperwork. 

4. Keep track of your claims

You may have many health insurance claims so to make it easier for yourself keep a physical or digital record of what your health funds offer, and what you have claimed. Make sure you know when your health fund cover and extras reset so you can use your entitlements before you lose it. Most benefits don't roll over. Common reset dates are at the start of a new calendar year, financial year or membership year. 

5. Use It Or Lose It! 

Since your optical extras don't roll over, make sure you use all of your optical entitlements before they're gone! If you already have your go-to pair of prescription glasses, why not claim on a spare pair, prescription sunglasses or contact lenses. Since you're now keeping track of your claims, you would know how much you have left. If you don't, contact your health fund for an update. 

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