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How To Get Multifocal Lenses That Work For You

There are over 1,000 different multifocal lens options available and not all optometrists get it right. 

With age, most people lose the ability to alter their vision from distance to near. Bringing two pairs of glasses everywhere you go can become cumbersome when you are trying to participate in activities that require both close and far vision. A convenient alternative to this is to use multifocal lenses (also known as progressive lenses), which is a single lens with multiple focusing points.

Multifocal lenses work by offering multiple corrective powers that are blended throughout a single lens. You would look through the top section to see in the distance, middle section for intermediate vision and bottom section for looking close-up. Multifocal lenses can help ageing eyes.

multifocal lenses can help ageing eyes

However, not everyone can get used to using multifocal glasses and may face problems. 

Common problems with using multifocals:

1. You only see a few words clearly at a time
2. There's blurriness or distortion on the sides of your vision
3. You have to tilt your chin towards your chest to see afar 
4. You get a sense of vertigo when looking down
5. You don't think your multifocals are working for you

Some of these problems are normal and relate to you getting used to your new progressive lens, particularly if you are switching from a single vision lens. However, if these symptoms occur for longer than a few days or you find your multifocals unbearable, it could be an issue with your prescription or fitting. 

To ensure you have the correct multifocals for your unique eyes it is crucial to see an eye care specialist with experience in prescribing and dispensing multifocal lenses.  In addition to getting the correct prescription, it’s equally important to select the most suitable multifocal lenses design for you. There are hundreds of different lenses available. 

eyecare plus multifocal lens

Eyecare Plus Optometrists throughout Australia are qualified and passionate about finding the correct multifocals for your eyes. Eyecare Plus practices have ongoing relationships with all lens suppliers and tenaciously use precise measurements to ensure the fitting of the lens to the frame relative to the eyes are exact. There are now instruments that Eyecare Plus use that measure these to one tenth of a millimeter. With modern tools and careful procedures, you are now able to get the right multifocals that work for you.  

Eyecare Plus are happy to provide you with their multifocal warranty, which guarantees they'll replace your multifocal lenses at no charge until they get them just right for you.  Come and talk to an Eyecare Plus practice about their process and warranty to ensure you get the most suitable multifocals for you.





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