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How To Claim Tax Deductions For Your Sunglasses

Most people don't realise that their Sunglasses are Tax Deductible 

Are your sunglasses tax deductible?

Sunglasses are on top of the list of commonly missed tax-deductible items in Australia. If you are one of the many professionals who require extended periods of time working outdoors, then you could be eligible to claim tax deductions on your sunglasses. 

Who can claim tax deductions on Sunglasses?

You can claim deductions on your sunglasses if your profession requires you to work in the sun regularly, therefore, require you to wear protective sunglasses. Common types of professions that could claim sun protection tax deductions include builders, farmers, gardeners, pilots and delivery workers. If you only use your sunglasses for short periods at a time such as walking from one office to another, then you are not entitled to claim on your sunglasses. If you are unsure whether your work type is eligible, it's best to ask your accountant. 


What is tax deductible? 

In general, protective eyewear like sunglasses and safety goggles that are necessary for your work and directly linked to you generating taxable income will be tax deductible. You will be required to prove that the protective glasses are frequently used during your working hours.

I use my prescription glasses for work, are they also tax deductible?

No. You are not able to claim tax deductions for clear prescription lenses as they are considered a private expense and purchased for your personal eye condition, and not solely for work.  

How much is tax deductible?

It depends on the cost of your sunglasses. If your sunglasses cost $300 or less, you will be able to claim an immediate deduction for the cost. If it cost more than $300, you can claim a deduction for its depreciated value for that year. You can find out more on the ATO website. 




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